A Chorus Line



  • A Broadway musical by Marvin Hamlisch (music) and Edward Kleban(lyrics) that became a great success despite having virtually no plotand only one memorable song. The first production was in 1975 at theNew York Public Theatre. This won a Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Awardfor Best Musical despite one New York critic declaring on openingnight, "The paltriness of the music was hideously apparent."The show also triumphed in London's West End, winning the EveningStandard Award. Sir Richard Attenborough made a film adaptationof the musical in 1985.

    The slim plot involves dancers auditioning for the chorusline of a Broadway show. After reducing the candidates to 17 for eightparts, the director-choreographer Zach asks them to talk about themselves,which they do in energetic song and dance. Among the winners is hisex-girlfriend Cassie, of whom he has been especially critical.