A Month in the Country



  • Ivan Turgenev's psychological comedy of love pursuedand evaded. It was written between 1848 and 1850 in Paris as TheStudent, but censorship delayed its first performance in Moscowuntil 1872. With its emphasis on the motivation of its characters,the play anticipates the drama of Chekhov. It is considered Turgenev'sfinest work for the stage and was one of the plays made popular outsideRussia by Stanislavsky's influential school of acting.

    The plot centres on a tutor, the young and naive Beliaev,who arrives at the estate of Yslaev to educate his son. As soon asBeliaev walks through the door, however, he unwittingly captures thehearts of Yslaev's wife Natalia, his ward Vera, and the attractivemaid Katia. Life becomes so complicated within the household thatVera decides to marry an old wealthy neighbour, Katia postpones herengagement to another servant, and Beliaev eventually resigns.