A Taste of Honey



  • A two-act play by Shelagh Delaney (1939 - ).It was first performed in 1958 at the Theatre Workshop, London, whereit enjoyed great success before transferring to Wyndham's Theatre.The story centres upon the love - hate relationship between theworking-class Helen and her rebellious daughter Jo, who live togetherin a drab Manchester flat. When Helen leaves with her boyfriend, Peter,the neglected Jo has an affair with a Black serviceman. She becomespregnant and takes in Geoff, a homosexual art student. Together theyprepare for the coming of her baby, but Helen reappears and forcesGeoff out. When Helen learns that the baby will be Black, she rushesoff to the pub, leaving Jo deserted again.

    The play won awards in both Britain and America and was madeinto a successful film, starring Rita Tushingham, in 1961.