A View from the Bridge



  • A tragedy by Arthur Miller. Originally a one-act play,it was first performed in a double-bill with another one-act workby Miller, A Memory of Two Mondays, in 1955 in New York. Althoughbanned from public performance in Britain by the Lord Chamberlain,it was produced privately by the New Watergate Theatre Club at theComedy Theatre in 1956. Miller expanded the text into two acts forlater productions.

    The play concerns the New York longshoreman Eddie Carbone.He and his wife, Beatrice, have raised her niece, Catherine, but Eddiefinds himself increasingly attracted to the young woman. Further problemsarise when Beatrice's two Sicilian brothers, both illegal immigrants,arrive on the scene and one of them, Rodolpho, wins Catherine's love.Jealous and fearful of losing her, Eddie informs immigration officersabout the brothers. The play ends with a fight in which Marco killsEddie. The lawyer Alfieri is used throughout as a chorus.