General English

  • noun a bad use of something
  • verb to treat someone very badly, usually physically or sexually
  • verb to make the wrong use of something
  • verb to say rude things about someone

Health Economics

  • (written as Abuse)
    There are many types of abuse. Economists have explored aspects of it as an applied topic in health economics, including its determinants and consequences. On drug abuse, see Addiction.


  • noun the use of something in a way in which it was not intended to be used
  • noun very bad treatment of a person, usually physical or sexual
  • noun a harmful or illegal practice
  • verb to say rude words about someone


  • noun the act of using something wrongly
  • noun the illegal use of a drug or overuse of alcohol


  • verb to treat someone badly, often in a sexual way


  • noun the harmful use of drugs or alcohol
  • verb to use something in an improper, illegal or harmful way