General English

General Science

  • noun a machine which changes the velocity of an object and so increases its kinetic energy
  • noun a substance which changes the speed at which a chemical reaction takes place

Cars & Driving

  • noun a chemical agent which makes a reaction happen more quickly, for instance in plastics production an additive which promotes the hardening process of resins.
  • noun a pedal which controls the opening of the throttle


  • An additive that, when added to paint, concrete, mortar, or grout mix, speeds the rate of hydration and thereby causes it to set or harden sooner.


  • A device which causes the acceleration of something.
  • In computers, a hardware device which accelerates and/or enhances the performance of a system or subsystem.
  • A device, such as a linac or cyclotron, in which charged particles are greatly accelerated to achieve high energies. Also called particle accelerator, or high-energy particle accelerator.
  • synonymaccelerating electrode


  • noun the theory that a change in demand for consumer goods will result in a greater change in demand for the capital goods used in their production


  • noun a chemical such as borax, used to make photographic film develop more rapidly