General English


  • noun the takeover of a company. The results and cash flows of the acquired company are brought into the group accounts only from the date of acquisition: the figures for the previous period for the reporting entity should not be adjusted. The difference between the fair value of the net identifiable assets acquired and the fair value of the purchase consideration is goodwill.


  • noun something bought


  • noun the act of getting or buying something


  • noun the accepting, capturing, or collecting of information


  • The process of acquiring property.


  • The process of directing an antenna or telescope for optimal reception of the desired telemetered data.
  • The process of locating an orbiting object, such as a satellite, to obtain the desired telemetered data.

Information & Library Science

  • noun an object or item which is obtained, purchased or received as a donation to a library


  • noun the action of acquiring new customers, as opposed to retention, which is keeping the loyalty of existing customers

Media Studies

  • noun the act of or acquiring new customers for a company, brand or product, one possible aim of an advertising campaign.


  • noun the development of a new skill, practice or way of doing things