General English

General Science

  • noun the effect that something has
  • noun something that happens when the user does something, e.g. presses a special key that moves the cursor to the action bar at the top of the screen


  • noun a case in a law court where a person or company sues another person or company


  • noun the manner in which a bowler delivers the ball, especially with regard to such features as the height of the arm and the ‘fairness’ of the delivery
    Citation ‘By the time I left school … I could bowl fast-medium with a high action, swing the ball late from leg and break it with shoulder-and-finger action from the off’ (James 1963)
    Citation ‘That winter Lock worked on his action, and from then onwards it was only his occasional faster ball which offended’ (Frith 1984)
    Citation ‘His [McGrath’s] chest-on action has preserved his back and his easy run has saved his knees and feet’ (Haigh 2005)


  • One or more steps within a sequence or process.
  • The manner in which a device or mechanism operates.


  • noun a proceeding heard in the civil court allowing an individual to pursue a legal right
  • noun something that is done, or the doing of something

Media Studies

  • interjection the command a film director uses to tell actors to begin acting as filming begins
  • noun a genre of film featuring action sequences such as natural disasters, violence and acts of heroism


  • noun an engagement with the enemy
  • verb to cause something to be done (by another person)


  • noun the way somebody or something moves or works, or the movement itself
  • noun energetic activity