General English

General Science

  • adjective describes an angle that is less than 90º
  • adjective describes a triangle that has three internal angles each of less than 90º


  • adjective used for describing pain that is sharp and intense

Health Economics

  • (written as Acute)
    An adjective used to describe a sudden, relatively brief, occurrence of ill-health or pain, in contrast to chronic. Sometimes used to indicate 'severity'.


  • adjective referring to a disease or condition which develops rapidly and can be dangerous


  • adjective very sharp or clear

Origin & History of “acute”

Acute derives from Latin acūtus ‘sharp’ (which was also the source of English ague). this was the past participle of the verb acuere ‘sharpen’, which in turn was probably formed from the noun acus ‘needle’. like the related acid, acetic, and acrid, it can be traced back to an Indo-European base *ak-‘be pointed’, which was also the ultimate source of oxygen and edge.