General English

General Science

  • noun a heritable change in an organism so that it is better able to survive and reproduce in an environment, as part of the process of evolution


  • noun the act of changing or modifying something for special use


  • noun the process of changing something, or of being changed, to fit new conditions


  • noun the ability of a device to adjust its sensitivity range according to various situations


  • The process by which the senses become less sensitive to and less stimulated by particular odours or flavours with repeated contact, thus accounting for acquired tastes and the tolerance of high levels of spices, garlic and chillies, etc. in some cultures

Information & Library Science

  • noun a film or play based on a story or novel


  • noun a change which has been, or can be, made to something


  • noun the act of changing something so that it fits a new situation
  • noun the process by which sensory receptors become accustomed to a sensation which is repeated


  • noun the process by which a sense organ becomes less sensitive to a stimulus after repeated contact