Cars & Driving

  • noun a device for connecting two parts of different sizes, especially an accessory for joining a socket and a drive handle with different size drives


  • noun a device that allows two or more incompatible devices to be connected together


  • Any device designed to match the size or characteristics of one item to those of another, particularly in the plumbing, air-conditioning, and electrical trades.


  • A device which enables connections between one thing and another, such as an AC adapter, or an Ethernet adapter.
  • A fitting utilized to connect jacks, plugs, and the like, to that of another format.
  • A device that makes electrical or mechanical connections between items not meant to be connected.
  • A device which alters something so that it becomes suitable for a use for which it was not intended.
  • synonymadaptor

Information & Library Science

  • noun somebody who adapts a literary work to another format, e.g. a novel to a play

Media Studies

  • a device which converts a single plug socket into two, three or four sockets


  • noun something which holds a piece of equipment in a different way