General English

General Science

  • verb to make a total from something
  • verb to put together two or more things to make a larger group or a group with different properties


  • verb to put figures together to make a total


  • verb to put figures together to form a sum, to make a total


  • verb to put things together to form a larger group


  • (written as ADD)
    Anti-dumping duty.
  • acronym forAnti-dumping duty
    (written as ADD)

Human Resources

  • verb to put things together to make a large group

Media Studies

  • noun additional material in the form of new paragraphs which updates or expands on an existing article


  • verb to join one thing to another in order to increase the quantity
  • verb to correct artillery or mortar fire so that the rounds land further away from the observer

Origin & History of “add”

Etymologically, add means simply ‘put to’. Its source is Latin addere, a compound verb formed from the prefix ad- ‘to’ and the stem -dere ‘put’ (which is related to English do). Its original meaning in English was simply ‘join one thing to another’; its specific mathematical use did not develop until the early 16th century.