General English


  • noun a chemical which is added to food to improve its appearance or to keep it fresh
  • noun a substance which is added to animal feedingstuffs to provide antibiotics, mineral supplements, vitamins or hormones


  • noun a chemical substance, often liquid, added to another substance to give it extra qualities

Cars & Driving

  • noun a substance added to fuel or engine oil to enhance its performance and to improve its properties, such as upper cylinder lubricant


  • A substance that is added to a material to enhance or modify its characteristics, such as curing time, plasticity, color, or volatility.


  • A substance added to food to improve its properties such as keeping quality, health value, flavour, texture, colour, acidity, stability, tendency to oxidize or dry out, sweetness, cooking properties, viscosity, stickiness and the like. All additives must be listed on packaging either by an E number in the European Union or by name or both unless they are natural materials not required to be listed by any law, regulation or directive.


  • adjective produced by adding


  • noun a chemical substance that is added to something, e.g. a chemical added to food to improve its appearance, smell or taste, or to prevent it from going bad