General English

General Science

  • noun a process of physical change in response to external environmental changes


  • noun an entry in accounts which does not represent a receipt or payment, but which is made to make the accounts correct
  • noun a change in the exchange rates, made to correct a balance of payment deficit


  • noun a change to improve the setting, position or operation of something
  • noun the act of changing something to improve its setting or position

Cars & Driving

  • noun the possibility of altering or correcting the position of something; clearance or play


  • noun the making of a slight change made to something so that it works better, or a change made


  • The determination of: (a) the cause of a loss, (b) whether it is covered by the policy, (c) the dollar value of the loss, and (d) the amount of money to which the claimant is entitled after all allowances and deductions have been made.


  • A mechanism used by a central bank to influence a currency's exchange rate. A central bank may make an adjustment if a country's currency is not pegged to an exchange rate with another, more stable currency. In this situation, a country is said to have a managed floating exchange rate.


  • noun a specific directional high-speed movement of a joint performed by a chiropractor


  • noun the process of adjusting artillery or mortar fire
  • noun corrections calculated by a forward observer after observing the fall of shot of an artillery or mortar round