General English


  • noun the action of organising, controlling or managing a company
  • noun an appointment by a court of a person to manage the affairs of a company


  • noun a person or group of people who manage or direct an organisation


  • noun the running of a company in receivership by an administrator appointed by the courts

Information & Library Science

  • noun a group of people who are responsible for the management of a company, institution or country
  • noun the range of activities connected with management


  • noun the organisation, control or management of something such as of the affairs of someone who has died, e.g. payment of liabilities, collection of assets or distributing property to the rightful people shown in the will
  • noun the appointment of an insolvency practitioner to a company which is in financial trouble, in order to rescue the company as a going concern, or if that is not possible, to obtain a better return for the creditors than if the company was wound up



  • noun the organisation, control or management of a geographical area or of a specific aspect of government, especially by a bureaucracy or group of experts
  • noun especially in the USA, a particular government


  • noun the organisation, control or management of a company