Admiral's Men



  • An English theater company formed in 1585 with Admiral LordHoward as its patron. Their large repertory of plays included severalby Marlowe. With Edward Alleyn as their leading actor, theyperformed at the Theatre with Strange's Men in 1590; afteran argument with the landlord Burbage both companies movedto the Rose Theatre.

    The Admiral's Men lost several good actors to the Chamberlain'sMen when the latter were formed in 1594, but Alleyn continuedto lead them as an independent company. He retired in 1597 but returnedthree years later when the company moved to the Fortune playhouseunder their new name of Prince Henry's Men. In 1612 they became thePalsgrave's Men under their new patron the Elector Palatine. The companylost all of its costumes and playbooks when the Fortune burned downin 1621. It disbanded 10 years later, after the plague had greatlyreduced theater-going.