• (525 - 456 BC) The father of Greek tragic drama,usually considered the first great writer in the Western theatricaltradition. Only seven plays, of over 70 known titles, are extant.These are The Persians (472 BC), Seven AgainstThebes (469 BC), Prometheus Bound (c.460 BC), The Suppliant Women (c. 460 BC),and the Oresteia trilogy (458 BC), comprising Agamemnon,Choephoroi, and Eumenides. He also wrote numerous satyr-plays,which have only survived in fragmentary form.

    Aeschylus's work is powerful and operatic, using majesticbut often innovative language. His attitude to Greek society and religionwas generally conservative, although he boldly depicted the sufferingsof men and woman when moral systems, and the gods themselves, arein conflict.

    Legend says he was killed by a tortoise dropped by an eagle(to break the shell) on his bald head (mistaken for a stone). His tombstonemakes no mention of his literary works, referring only to his service atthe Battle of Marathon (490 BC).