After the Fall



  • A play about love and responsibility by Arthur Miller. Elia Kazan directed the original production at the Washington Square Theatre, New York, in 1964, when it opened the first season of the Vivian Beaumont Repertory Company(which the following year became the Lincoln Center Repertory Company).It was performed at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry in 1967.

    Most believe, although Miller always denied, that the playwas based on his failed marriage to the Hollywood sex symbol MarilynMonroe. The play's main female character, Maggie, is given less lovethan she needs and commits suicide. Monroe's death, a suspected suicide,had occurred only two years earlier, and some critics suggested thatMiller could have waited longer before releasing the work.

    The action takes place in an abstract, multi-level setting representing the mind of Quentin, a 40-year-old Jewish lawyer. Quentin addresses the audience directly about the traumas of his life, which are depicted in a series of scenes. These show his indifference to Maggie's tragic pleas for attention and his doomed relationships with other women, including Louise, another ex-wife, and a German girlfriend who harbours guilt about the Holocaust.