General English

  • adjective which is becoming older

Cars & Driving

  • noun a change of characteristics in some metals after heat treatment or cold working


  • The process of leaving foods to age or artificially ageing them using chemicals, e.g. hanging meat and game to improve the flavour and tenderness, adding oxidizing agents to flour to produce a stronger dough


  • noun the fact of growing old


  • the storing of wine in order to improve its taste. Wine that is wood-aged in oak barrels or casks takes on some of the flavours of the wood, and ageing often softens the wine and increases the depth of flavours as a little of the water content evaporates through the wood. Ageing wines in bottles develops further depth to the character and flavour of the wine, though during the first few weeks after being bottled, wine can suffer from bottle sickness. light wines do not normally improve with bottle-ageing, but many other wines continue to develop character and complexity during the ageing process.