General Science

  • noun an organisation or company that acts as a representative for a person or business
  • noun a government organisation with a specific role


  • noun an office or job of representing another company in an area
  • noun an office or business which arranges things for other companies


  • noun a security issued by a government agency, such as a Federal Home Loan Bank


  • noun an arrangement where one person or company acts on behalf of another person in contractual matters

Media Studies

  • noun an organisation, especially a company, that performs a particular type of service for its clients
  • noun the fact or condition of doing something, of being active


  • noun an organisation which carries out work on behalf of another organisation, e.g. one which recruits and employs nurses and supplies them to hospitals temporarily when full-time nursing staff are unavailable
  • noun the act of causing something to happen


  • noun a government office or department which is to some extent independent
  • noun an independent organisation that deals with social problems


  • noun the act of carrying out an action in a purposeful and voluntary way