General English

General Science

  • noun help given to someone
  • noun help such as food, medicines, equipment or people offered to somewhere that has experienced difficult conditions or a disaster
  • verb to help or give support to someone or something


  • noun something which helps somebody do something


  • noun help given to a business or region by a government


  • noun a machine, tool or drug which helps someone do something
  • acronym forartificial insemination by donor
    (written as AID)
  • acronym forDI
    (written as AID)
  • prefix two, double


  • Walnuts
  • prefix containing two atoms, radicals or groups

Origin & History of “aid”

Aid comes ultimately from the same source as adjutant (which originally meant simply ‘assistant’). Latin juvāre became, with the addition of the prefix ad- ‘to’, adjuvāre ‘give help to’; from its past participle adjutus was formed a new verb, adjūtāre, denoting repeated action, and this passed into Old French as aïdier, the source of English aid.