Aktie Tomaat



  • (Dutch: Tomato Action) A radical movement in Dutch theaterin the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was sparked by an incident in1969, when students of the Toneelschool (Amsterdam's School of Drama)threw tomatoes at actors performing with the Nederlandse Comedie inAmsterdam's municipal theater. The action was intended as a protestagainst the bland socially irrelevant productions offered by the Dutchtheatrical establishment. Another source of complaint was the allegedlydictatorial role of the director.

    The campaign emphasized the social function of drama. Newworks were written and produced to appeal to sections of the populationthat had been neglected by the mainstream theater. Improvisation wasencouraged as a way of developing new themes and the creative roleof the actor was stressed. Several new democratically organized theatercompanies emerged, including Amsterdam's Werkteater, theSater educational theater, and the Toneel environmental theater. seealso Vormingstoneel (politiek).