Alfred Vance



  • (Alfred Peck Stevens; 1839 - 88), a British music-hallperformer known for such comic Cockney songs as 'The Chickaleery Cove'.The Great Vance, as he was often billed, adopted the role ofa lion comique, developing a friendly rivalry with the firstperformer to earn that title, George Leybourne (see ChampagneCharlie). They both worked their way through comic songslisting the wines, with 'Cliquot' being the Great Vance's most popularoffering.

    After making his debut at the St James's Theatre, London,Vance appeared on the halls with his brother in a blackfaced act.He transformed himself into the first 'coster comedian' in 1864 becomingnoted for moralistic 'motto' songs such as 'Act on the Square, Boys'.Vance died while performing at the Sun Music Hall, Knightsbridge.