General English

  • noun an amount of money paid to someone regularly
  • noun an amount of money which you are allowed to earn without paying tax on it

General Science

  • noun a consideration for possibilities or changing circumstances



  • noun something such as money given at regular intervals or for a specific purpose
  • noun the amount of something that somebody is allowed to have


  • A stated requirement of the contract documents whereby a specified sum of money is incorporated, or allowed, into the contract sum in order to sustain the cost of a stipulated material, assembly, piece of equipment, or other part of a construction contract. This device is convenient in cases where the particular item cannot be fully described in the contract documents.
  • In bidding, an amount budgeted for an item for which no exact dollar amount is available.
  • A contingency for unforeseen costs.
  • The classification of connected parts or members according to their tightness or looseness.


  • The amount of currency a traveler to or from a given nation may carry without reporting the amount to customs. Limits vary from one country to another. Currently, travelers to and from the U.S. must report to U.S. customs any amounts in excess of $10,000.

Information & Library Science

  • noun the amount of something given for a specific purpose


  • noun an amount of something which you are legally or officially allowed to have
  • noun a payment made for a specific purpose