General English

General Science

  • adjective referring to flowers, buds, or leaves that are arranged singly at different heights on either side of a stem, rather than being in pairs or groups


  • noun an aerodrome of second choice to be used if the aircraft cannot be landed at the aerodrome of first choice because of bad weather, etc.


  • verb to change from one state to another and back, over and over again


  • A specified item of construction that is set apart by a separate sum. An alternate may or may not be incorporated into the contract sum at the discretion and approval of the owner at the time of contract award.

Human Resources

  • verb to do something by turns or in rotation

Information & Library Science

  • adjective occurring regularly at one time and then missing a time but occurring again the next time
  • verb to cause things to happen alternately


  • verb to change from one thing or activity to another (often repeatedly)