• (written as AM)
    Abbreviation of amplitude modulation. A form of modulation in which the information-containing signal varies the amplitude of the carrier wave. The amplitude of the carrier wave is modulated, or varied, in a manner proportional to the fluctuations of said information-bearing signal, but its frequency stays the same. Used, for instance, for broadcasting. This contrasts with FM, in which the amplitude of the carrier wave is kept constant while the frequency is varied, or with PM, where the phase angle of the carrier wave is varied.
  • abbreviation forattometer
  • 10-18 meter. It is a unit of measurement of length. Its abbreviation is am.

Information & Library Science

  • abbreviation in Internet addresses, the top-level domain for Armenia


  • acronym forAssembly Member
    (written as AM)
  • noun a member of an elected or appointed group of people who come together to discuss political problems or pass laws

General Science

  • chemical symbol forAmericium
    (written as Am)