An Ideal Husband



  • A comedy by Oscar Wilde, first performed in Londonin 1895 at the Haymarket Theatre. Charles Hawtrey createdthe part of Lord Goring and Charles Brookfield played his valet; bothactors later testified against Wilde at his trial and held a celebrationdinner when he was sentenced.

    The play begins at a London party given by Sir Robert Chiltern, arising politician widely considered the 'ideal husband' of the title. SirRobert is planning to denounce the Argentine Canal Company as a swindle, butis forced to reconsider when a guest at the party, the scheming adventuressMrs Cheveley, threatens to expose a serious indiscretion in his own past.Fearing the destruction of both his career and his marriage, Sir Robert turnsin despair to his friend Lord Goring, a witty but idle man about town.Following a complicated series of intrigues and misunderstandings, MrsCheveley is foiled. Sir Robert denounces the canal in Parliament and wins aCabinet post, and husband and wife are reconciled.