General English


  • noun the process of examining something in detail
  • noun the process of breaking down a substance into its parts in order to study them closely


  • noun the record of a bowler’s performance in an innings or match, or sometimes over a longer period such as a Test series or even a whole career
    Citation ‘Hadlee topped and tailed the innings with four wickets for 14 runs, bringing the New Zealand fast bowler’s match analysis to eight for 22’ (Cyril Chapman, Guardian 1 May 1984)
    Compare figures


  • The separation of a whole into its constituent parts for the purpose of study.
  • The careful study of an entity or concept from various perspectives in order to gain a fuller understanding. This can lead, for example, to the solutions of problems, or to improvements.
  • The reported results of the knowledge obtained through analysis (2) or analysis (3).


  • noun an examination of a substance to find out what it is made of