General English

  • conjunction used to join two words or phrases


  • noun
    (written as AND)
    an operator, often used in searches, that matches text that contains both search words.
  • acronymOR
    (written as AND)
  • acronym forOR
    (written as AND)


  • (written as AND)
    A logical operation which is true only if all of its elements are true. For example, if three out of three input bits have a value of 1, then the output is 1. Any other combination yields an output of 0. For such functions, a 1 is considered as a true, or high, value, and 0 is a false, or low, value. Also called AND operation, conjunction, or intersection (2).


  • duck

Origin & History of “and”

A word as ancient as the English language itself, which has persisted virtually unchanged since at least 700 ad, and has cognates in other Germanic languages (German und, Dutch en), but no convincing ultimate ancestor for it has been identified