Angelo Costantini



  • (1655 - 1729) Italian actor of the commedia dell'arte.In 1683 he joined the Comédie-Italienne in Paris meaningto share the role of Arlecchino with Giuseppe Biancolelli(1637 - 88). Instead, he enlarged the role of the character Mezzetino,creating a distinctive red and white costume. He also wrote and published(1695) a somewhat inaccurate biography of his fellow actor, TiberioFiorillo, who had developed the role of Scaramuccia. Whenthe Court exiled the Italians from Paris in 1697, Costantini settledin the duchy of Brunswick; he was imprisoned for some 20 years afterwinning the heart of a woman also beloved by the Elector of Saxony.

    Angelo's brother, Giovan Battista Costantini (d. 1720), wasalso a member of the Paris company, playing the role of Cintio, ayoung lover.