Anthony Street Theatre



  • A theater that stood on Worth Street, New York famous as thevenue for Edmund Kean's first appearance in that city. Originallya circus, it reopened in 1812 as the Olympic Theatre with a companyled by two British-born US actors, Charlotte Melmoth and William Twaits.Circus acts continued to appear there. The first season saw the USpremiere of M. G. ('Monk') Lewis's equestrian melodrama Timourthe Tartar. In 1813 the theater was redecorated and renamed theAnthony Street Theatre (the following year it changed its name tothe Commonwealth Theatre and then to the Pavilion Theatre before revertingto the Anthony Street).

    After the Park Theatre was destroyed by fire in 1820,its company moved to the Anthony Street, where they brought in thecelebrated British actor Edmund Kean. After his appearance in thetitle role of Richard III, the New York Evening Postcalled him "the most complete actor, in our opinion, that everappeared on our boards". Tickets were in such demand that theywere auctioned and the profits given to charity. The company leftwhen the Park reopened in 1821; the Anthony Street Theatre closedand was demolished.