Anything Goes



  • A musical with lyrics and music by Cole Porter andbook by Howard Lindsay, Russel Crouse, P. G. Wodehouse, and Guy Bolton.It opened on Broadway in 1934 at the Alvin Theatre and starredEthel Merman as the nightclub singer Reno Sweeney. The New YorkTimes review said "If Ethel Merman did not write 'I Geta Kick Out of You' and also the title song of the show, she has madethem hers now by the swinging gusto of her platform style." Therewere notable revivals at New York's Lincoln Centre in 1987 and the RoyalNational Theatre in 2002.

    The plot involves Reno's friendship with Billy Crocker, whostill yearns for his ex-fiancée Hope. Reno sails for Englandon the same ship as Hope; Billy, following her, stows away with thehelp of the devious Dr Moon, who is wanted by the FBI as 'Public EnemyNumber 13'. When they arrive in London, Billy is horrified to learnthat Hope plans to wed Sir Evelyn Oakleigh for his money. A businessdeal comes through, however, and Billy suddenly has the wealth tokeep Hope. In the meantime, Sir Evelyn falls for Reno and the FBIreclassifies Dr Moon as 'harmless', upsetting his pride. Porter'ssongs include 'Anything Goes', 'You're the Tops', 'I Get a Kick Outof You', and 'All Through the Night'.