• The art and science of designing and building structures.


  • The components and design of a system or structure.
  • The design of a computer and its components. This includes for which purposes it can be used, along with its memory and processing requirements and capabilities. This in turn affects variables such as what software may be used with it, and which peripherals are compatible. Also called computer architecture, or computer system architecture.
  • The design of a network and its components. This includes the hardware, software, and protocols. Also called network architecture.
  • The design of software and its components. This determines what other software it can interact with, the hardware it can work with, its reliability, and its flexibility and expandability. Also called software architecture.

Information & Library Science

  • noun the planning and design of buildings or systems

Real Estate

  • noun a style or fashion of building, especially one that is typical of a period of history or of a particular place