• (written as Argentina)
    the world’s fifth largest wine-producing country and potentially one of the most exciting and dynamic. Traditionally most of its wine has been consumed locally rather than exported, but recent investment in vineyards and technology has enabled Argentine wine to more than hold its own internationally. Foreign investors have been attracted by the opportunity to produce wine of high quality at very attractive prices. Crucially, foreign consultants and winemakers such as the French oenologist Michel Rolland and the Lurton family have become involved, and their expertise has begun to create a vibrant modern wine industry hungry for exports. The main wine-producing region, Mendoza province, produces the majority of the best-quality wines from Argentina. Traditionally the most popular grape varieties grown have been Mission (Criolla) and Malbec, both producing full-bodied red wines. The drive for export markets, however, is leading to the production of more international varietal styles. Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon have been added to Argentina’s rich array of red wines, and Chardonnay is proving very successful.