Armand Salacrou



  • (1899 - 1989) French playwright and journalist. His firstsuccess, Patchouli, was produced in 1930 by Charles Dullin,who also staged Salacrou's hit comedy Atlas-Hôtel (1931)and the historical drama La Terre est Ronde (1938). Some ofSalacrou's themes were later developed by Sartre, who apparentlyused L'Inconnue d'Arras (1935) as a source for his Huis-Clos.

    Salacrou became internationally known in 1946 with LesNuits de la Colère, about the collaboration and Resistancein German-occupied Chartres. First produced by Jean-Louis Barraultat the Théâtre Marigny, Paris, it was presented in NewYork in 1947 as Nights of Wrath. Barrault brought the French-languageversion to London in 1951 and the BBC broadcast it in English as Menof Wrath.

    Salacrou also contributed the new social drama that emergedafter World War II as part of the decentralization movement associatedwith the Centres Dramatiques. His documentary drama BoulevardDurand was performed in Le Havre by the Centre Dramatique du Nordin 1961.