General English


  • acronym foramplitude shift keying
    (written as ASK)
  • data transmission accomplished by varying the amplitude of a carrier wave. switching between amplitude levels provides the keying. Its abbreviation is ASK.

Origin & History of “ask”

The Old English ancestor of ask existed in two main forms: āscian and ācsian. The first produced descendants such as asshe, which died out in the 16th century; the second resulted in axe (still extant in some dialects), which by metathesis – the reversal of the consonant sounds k and s – became modern English ask. Ultimately the word comes from a prehistoric west Germanic verb *aiskōjan (source of German heischen, a poetical term for ‘ask’); cognates in other, non-Germanic, Indo-European languages include Latin aeruscāre ‘beg’ and Sanskrit iccháti ‘seek’.