General Science

  • verb to set something apart beforehand or allocate something for a specific purpose
  • verb to give someone or a machine something to do


  • verb to give something to someone by means of an official legal transfer
  • verb to give someone a job of work to do and make him or her responsible for doing it


  • verb to give a computer or person something to do
  • verb to set a variable equal to a string of characters or numbers
  • verb to keep part of a computer system for use while a program is running

Information & Library Science

  • verb to allocate a task to a person or send somebody to work in a particular place


  • verb to give someone a piece of work to do


  • verb to appoint to a position or task

Real Estate

  • verb to transfer ownership of a property or right to another party by signing a document


  • verb to give a place to someone