General English


  • noun a person or company linked to another in a takeover bid
  • noun a title given to a junior member of a professional organisation. senior members are usually called ‘fellows’.


  • verb to come with or be linked to something else


  • To link a given type of file to a specific application, usually by using a file extension, such as .xyz. It is utilized to alert an operating system to the need to start the necessary application for the desired file.

Information & Library Science

  • noun somebody you work with
  • verb to connect something with another having a similar background


  • adjective joined together with something
  • noun somebody who works in the same business as someone


  • verb to be related to or connected with something

Origin & History of “associate”

Latin socius meant ‘companion’ (it is related to English sequel and sue), and has spawned a host of English words, including social, sociable, society, and socialism. In Latin, a verb was formed from it, using the prefix ad- ‘to’: associāre ‘unite’. Its past participle, associātus, was borrowed into English as an adjective, associate; its use as a verb followed in the 15th century, and as a noun in the 16th century.