General English

General Science

  • noun a graphical symbol used in many operating systems to mean ‘any character’


  • noun a graphical symbol (*) used in programming as a sign for multiplication
  • noun a graphical symbol (*) used as a wild card in many operating systems, including DOS, to mean any characters


  • noun a batsman’s innings that has been completed without the batsman being dismissed, so called because an asterisk is conventionally used in reporting the score to indicate a not out figure – thus: England 358 (Botham 149*)
    Citation ‘Another asterisk next day — 41 not out in the NatWest triumph at Southampton — undoubtedly influenced his nomination for the England squad’ (Doug Ibbotson, WCM September 1984)


  • A character, *, which may be utilized to represent a string of wildcard characters, as opposed to a single wild card, which is usually represented by ?.
  • In most computer operating systems, a character which serves to denote multiplication, as seen, for instance, in: 7*3.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a symbol in the form of a star (*) used to mark things to be noted
  • verb to mark something with an asterisk or a star-shaped symbol, especially to draw attention to it

Media Studies

  • noun a symbol (*) used to indicate that there is a footnote relating to the text after which the symbol appears. Asterisks are also used to replace letters of words which cannot be printed in full because they are considered obscene.