• (written as ATA)
    Abbreviation of advanced technology attachment, or AT attachment. The formal name the American National Standards Institute has given to integrated drive electronics, or IDE. It is a widely utilized disk and tape drive interface in which the controller is integrated into the disk, disc, or tape drive itself, which simplifies connection. There are enhanced versions, such as Fast ATA or Ultra ATA. Also called ATA interface.


  • A wholemeal flour used for making unleavened breads.


  • (written as ATA)
    American Theatre Association. A former US theater organization, basedin Washington, DC, that supported educational and noncommercial theater. Itwas founded in 1936 as the American Educational Theatre Association and wentbankrupt in 1986.

    The ATA founded the annual American College Theatre Festival,a competition granting awards at regional and national festivals.Although it supported the activities of more than 2000 drama departmentsand schools in US colleges and universities, it was not wholly an educationalorganization. The seven subdivisions of ATA, some of which now functionindependently, were: the American CommunityTheatre Association, the Army Theatre Arts Association, the NationalAssociation of Schools of Theatre, the National Children's TheatreAssociation, the Secondary School Theatre Association, the Universityand College Theatre Association, and the University Resident TheatreAssociation.


  • acronym foractual time of arrival
    (written as ATA)