General English

  • noun something which can be attached to something else
  • noun a strong liking for someone or something
  • noun a document attached to an email

General Science

  • noun the joining, fixing or connecting of one thing to another
  • noun a device which is attached to a machine for a special purpose


  • noun the act of holding a debtor’s property to prevent it being sold until debts are paid


  • noun a device which can be attached to a machine, e.g. a straw chopper which can be attached to a combine harvester


  • noun the act of joining or fixing something to something

Cars & Driving

  • noun a fitting or accessory to be used in conjunction with a tool, such as a grinding disc for use with an electric drill


  • A file that is appended to an email. Such a file may be a document, an image, a video, a program, and so on. Certain types of attachments are encoded, thus requiring the recipient to have the appropriate email software to decode it. Also called email attachment, enclosure (3), or file attachment.
  • synonymattached file

Information & Library Science

  • noun a computer file that is transferred together with an electronic mail message


  • noun a court order preventing a debtor’s property from being sold until debts are paid


  • noun something which is attached to another object for a special purpose
  • noun the act of sending a person or sub-unit to work with another unit for a specific task