General Science

  • noun the wearing away of something, as may be caused by friction

Cars & Driving

  • noun the process of wearing out by friction, as with pellets in catalytic converters


  • noun a decrease in the loyalty of consumers to a product, due to factors such as boredom or desire for a change
  • noun loss of labour through natural wastage


  • The decline in employment in a firm or industry that occurs naturally due to workers' quitting or retiring. The pain of shrinking an industry due, say, to trade liberalization is minimized if it can be accomplished through attrition. In the UK, attrition is called natural wastage.

Health Economics

  • (written as Attrition)
    The exclusion or drop-out of individuals for a particular reason after assignment to the experimental or control arm of a trial.


  • noun the condition of being worn away, as may be caused by friction


  • noun damage caused to an object as a result of repeated contact with another object
  • noun the gradual destruction of an enemy force by repeated attacks or by stubborn defence