audit trail



  • noun the records that show all the stages of a transaction, e.g. a purchase, a sale or a customer complaint, in the order in which they happened


  • noun a record of details of the use made of a system by noting transactions carried out, used for checking on illegal use or malfunction


  • A record of all activity pertaining to a specific time interval and/or piece of information. It is used, for example, to find the origin of problems, to recover data, and to identify unauthorized access.


  • A record that allows auditors to trace every step of a transaction. Regulatory agencies use an audit trail to investigate trades that may be invalid, inaccurate, or illegal.

Health Economics

  • (written as Audit Trail)
    A systematic method used in qualitative research of documenting the evidence, the phases of research and the decisions taken in interpreting data. In business or public sector accounting, it refers to the documentation of transactions supported by evidence such as ledger entries or minutes of meetings. This documentation may be paper or electronic.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a record of all interactions with a system, kept to assess the level of use
  • noun a record showing what operations a computer or computer user has performed in a specific period of time


  • noun a record in the form of computer or printed documents that shows how something happened