General English

  • noun a test for performers such as actors, singers or dancers, to see if they will be given a part in a play or film
  • verb to hold an audition for a performer


  • noun in sensory analysis, the sense of sound


  • A method of casting a play, especially for secondary rolesor in amateur productions, in which actors compete for parts. An auditionis run by the stage manager; its content may range from an informalchat to set readings from classical and modern pieces or from theplay to be cast. Actors are often called to perform before the directorand others at 10-minute intervals. The nerve-wracking ritual is knownderisively within the profession as the cattle call; thefact that many actors are auditioned for each part has produced thecliche 'Don't call us, we'll call you'. The musical A chorus Line(1975) concerns a group of actors auditioning for a Broadway show.