Augustin Daly



  • (1839 - 99) US theater owner, manager, director, playwright, andcritic, who achieved fame on both sides of the Atlantic (see Daly'sTheatre. As a manager, Daly encouraged Bronson Howard, America's firstplaywright to live by his craft, by staging his first play, Saratoga,in 1870. As a dramatist, he wrote Westerns and melodramas such as Underthe Gaslight; or, Life and Love in These Times (1867) as well as adaptingsome 90 plays, including many classics. In 1885 Daly broke up a Chicagopirating ring, an action that led to the formation of a society to protectthe rights of playwrights, publishers, and managers. In the same year hedefeated the infamous 'ticket scalpers' (operators who bought blocks of seatsto resell on the street at up to 100% profit) by issuing unnumberedslips of paper that could subsequently be exchanged for real tickets prior tothe performance.