Augustus Druriolanus



  • The nickname of a 19th-century manager of Drury Lane, AugustusHenry Glossop Harris (1852 - 96). It is a humorously Latinizedversion of the theater's name on the model of Coriolanus.The son of Augustus Glossop Harris (1825 - 73), who managed CoventGarden for 27 years, the younger Harris took over Drury Lane in 1879and managed it until his death.

    Although Harris opened with Henry V, he soon turnedto spectacular melodramas and extravagant annual pantomimes. He incurredsome criticism by turning the Christmas productions over to the greatmusic-hall stars, including knockabout comedians. In 1891 he was knighted - not for his work in the theater but because he was a sheriffof the City of London during a visit by the German kaiser.