General English

  • noun something such as a prize or a gift of money that is given to someone
  • verb to give someone something such as a prize, a degree or diploma, money or a contract to do work


  • noun something given by a court, tribunal or other official body, especially when settling a dispute or claim


  • verb to decide the amount of money to be given to someone


  • A party's formal communication of their acceptance of a bid or proposal for services, construction, materials, or equipment.


  • A decision by an arbitration panel in favor of one of the parties in a financial dispute.

    Government Securities: Acceptance of a bid in an auction for U.S. Treasury securities or municipal bonds.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a sum of money given for a specific purpose


  • noun an official recognition of an achievement (e.g. a medal, commendation)


  • noun a prize, medal, document or money that is given to somebody to show recognition of something good that he or she has done