General English


  • adverb not here, somewhere else


  • adverb moving towards the off-side from a line closer to leg or middle stump, so as to go off in the direction of slip
    Citation ‘Worrell … had only made 52 before his stumps were shattered by one of those unplayable Bedser deliveries, the ball that moves away from the right-handed batsman and then breaks back’ (Manley 1988)
    Citation ‘Fred Titmus … was never easy to hit, his control of length and line was brilliant, and of course he mastered that away-drifter better than anyone’ (Jim Laker, WCM December 1983)

Origin & History of “away”

Away was formed in the late Old English period by conflating the phrase on weg, literally ‘on way’, that is, ‘on one’s way, departing’. this soon became reduced to aweg, hence away.