General English


  • (written as B)
    star type whose members have a surface temperature of 10 000 – 30 000°. Examples include the bright stars Rigel and Spica. The hottest of stars apart from the 0 stars, the B type have neutral helium rather than the B stars’ ionised helium in their spectra.


  • (written as B:)
    used in personal computers to indicate the second disk drive, normally a floppy disk drive
  • symbol
    (written as B)
    the hexadecimal equivalent of the decimal number 11


  • abbreviation bowled; used in the scorebook, following the name of a batsman and preceding the name of a bowler, to indicate the bowler responsible for or involved in the batsman’s dismissal. On its own b signifies that the batsman has been bowled out or has played on; other types of dismissal are signified by additional information, such as ‘lbw b McGrath’ or ‘c Gilchrist b McGrath’.


  • noun
    (written as B)
    a friend, peer. The abbreviation of buddy and/or bro(ther) is used as a greeting between males, particularly in black street usage.
  • symbol forG
    (written as B)


  • noun
    (written as B)
    a human blood type of the ABO system, containing the B antigen. Someone with this type of blood can donate to people of the same group or of the AB group, and can receive blood from people with this type or with type O.


  • symbol formagnetic flux density
    (written as B)
  • symbol forsusceptance
    (written as B)
  • symbol forbase
    (written as B)
  • symbol forbel
    (written as B)
  • symbol forbarn
  • chemical symbol forboron
    (written as B)
  • symbol forbaud
  • symbol forbar
  • symbol forbattery
    (written as B)
  • The imaginary number component of admittance. Expressed in siemens. Its symbol is B.