General English

General Science

  • noun in vertebrate animals, a series of bones (vertebrae) linked together to form a flexible column running from the pelvis to the skull
  • noun a high-speed high-capacity connection path that links smaller sub-networks, normally used to connect servers on a network


  • noun a high-speed communications link for Internet communications across an organisation or country or between countries


  • The connections that form the major pathways of a communications network, large or small. These handle the bulk of the traffic, and generally communicate at very fast rates, often over great distances.
  • A network topology in which a backbone (1) is the hub to which all subnetworks are connected. Used, for instance, in medium-sized LANs. Also called collapsed backbone.
  • A superfast network spanning the globe, linking national Internet service providers at speeds that can exceed 100 Gbps. local Internet service providers connect to regional Internet service providers, which in turn connect to this backbone, to be a part of the Internet. Also called Internet backbone.

Information & Library Science

  • noun the spine of a book


  • the quality of red wines that are full-bodied, well-structured and well-balanced with the correct level of acidity